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I like photographing, drawing and computer graphics. On this page I would like to present from time to time new series of pictures. I hope you enjoy them...

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  • Turtle
    A little turtle who can't escape your monitor.
  • Tim
    A young bird as wallpaper.
  • Blindschleiche
    A blindworm as wallpaper. We found this animal 2004 in the Harz.
  • Waldmaus
    A mouse as wallpaper. I catched this mouse 2004 in my apartment and brought her to the forrest.
  • Bug
    For all those who are always searching for bugs: A nice bug as screen background (wallpaper).
  • Crocodile
    A crocodile that looks at the user through the monitor glass as screen background.
  • Bugshirt
    This geekshirt shows one of the major advantages of the free os linux. :-)
  • Water
    I made these pictures also while Anne was in Costa Rica 2003.
  • Lizards
    I made these pictures for Anne while she was in Costa Rica. They all show a lizard and some of them are digitally retouched.
  • Butterflies
    Some nice butterflies. I created these pictures in summer 2003 when I tried out my new digital camera.
  • Three Animals
    These are three pictures of different animals that turned out well. I like them very much.

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