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Since december 2002 I spend some time with contributions to the open source software GeniusTrader.

This software is a very powerfull package for technical analyis and for the creation of trading systems.

The project homepage and an article in the Brave GNU World can be found at the following sites:

I would like the introduce on this page some scripts and modules, that are not part of the official distribution - either because they are unstable or because they are not directly related to the package.

All Programs ans modules are distributed under the GNU Public License.


I started to collect some note to create a kind of manual. The documentation is incomplete but maybe a better starting point than the plain POD-text.

I would like to invite you to extend this documentation!



The majority of the Geniustrader modules use the module Carp::Datum. By using this module the scripts are slowed down up to 30 percent. By simply including the DirtyKill-module the debugging-stuff is eliminated at runtime. This improves the runtime behaviour significant.

More about DirtyKill.pm


This script makes it possible to enhance the performance of geniustrader significant. This is done by replacinf function calls by the source code of the function.

More about FuncSub


These modules are some alternative Database modules I developed. They fit my needs better that the generic Database modules.

More about Databases

Geniustrader under Windows

Geniustrader now runs under M$Windows!

More about GT/Windows

cgi-Script to create graphics online

A small script for creating graphics on your local webserver.

Mehr about this script..

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