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Back from the island


Last week we decided to take a break of about one week. During the last weeks a lot of things changed and we tried to escape from all the stress to the island La Palma - because of qualification periods and similar stuff the last holidays for the next six months.

If you own a password for the private area, you can access the (german) holiday-blog here. If you are curious about our experiences on La Palma but don't possess a password, you can request one here.

I would like to thank all those poeple who gave me a positive feedback in the last months. I received a lot of mails about my biological texts, but also about Tim, the bird and many other areas. One of my pictures, the crocodile will be published in a german magazine. ... I'm always glad to hear from the readers of my page and would like to encourage you to use the feedback-link...

And there is a new version of my Trading-Journal-Software online.

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Xmas Cookies

Tim the bird

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Images out of africa

Back from the island

Sign of life

More pictures, more visitors, more recipes ...

Happy New Year!

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