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Howto install Geniustrader under windows?


First we have to install some programs and that are necessarry to run GeniusTrader.

  • Install ActivePerl: For running a perl program we need the perl-interpreter. We get it from http://www.activestate.com. You have to download the file ActivePerl- or ActivePerl- Don't install the 5.6 version as you will run into trouble with the old ppm-version.
  • Install ImageMagick: If you want to create charts of your stocks you have to install the ImageMagick Distribution. Download the file ImageMagick-5.5.7-Q8-windows-dll.exe from the ImageMagick-Server. You have to check the "Install Perlmagick"-Button.
  • Install Geniustrader: Download this version of Geniustrader. Simply unpack this version in your working directory.
  • Sample data: Download the sample data here. Copy the data in the directory data on the same level as GT and Scripts.

Now we need to install some Perl-Modules:

  • Image-Magick: ImageMagick placed a file Image-Magick.ppd in a directory as C:\Programme\ImageMagick-5.5.7-Q8\PerlMagick or similar. Change to this directory and execute ppm install Image-Magick.ppd
  • Date-Calc: For the installation of the rest of the modules you have to be connected to the internet. Then you can use ppm to install the needed packages: ppm install Date-Calc.
  • Other modules: If Geniustrader exits with an error as "Could not find Xxxx:Yyyy in @INC" use ppm to install the necessary package: ppm install Xxxx-Yyyy.

If you downloaded the modified Geniustrader file mentioned above you can now start to use Geniustrader e.g.:

 C:\Programme\GTwin> perl backtest.pl 
  --system="Generic {S:Generic:CrossOverUp {I:SMA 20} {I:SMA 60}} 
                    {S:Generic::CrossOverDown {I:SMA 20} {I:SMA 60}}"
  --close-strategy="OppositeSignal" 13000

Your output should look like this: click me

Input all this in one line in a command line window. Now you will see a backtest report. If this is not working maybe you have to install further modules. If you found a bug please report it to the Geniustrader Mailing List at http://www.geniustrader.org.

Next you should test if the graphic module is working:

 C:\Programme\GTwin> set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Programme\ImageMagick-5.5.7-Q8
 C:\Programme\GTwin> perl graphic.pl --driver=ImageMagick 13000 > test.png
 C:\Programme\GTwin> display test.png

If display is not working, you can use http://www.irfanview.com/ to view the image.

The image should look like this:

At the moment there are some problems with the fonts; but I think the title of the chart is not that necessary :)

Create your own Geniustrader-version

You can also download the newest version of Geniustrader if you want to access the newest features. Then you have to modify some files manually.

You have to modify the following files:

  • Carp::Datum Carp::Datum is a debugging library that is not avaiable for Windows. Please use the version from the package above. It contains void functions -- just for compatibility.
  • Modify GT::Metainfo As XML::LibXML is not supported for Windows you have to remove the corresponding calls from GT::Metainfo. You can simply copy the version from the file mentiones above. That way Metainfo-Objects can't be used in Geniustrader.
  • Modify GT::Serializer As Storable is not supported for Windows you have to remove the corresponding calls from GT::Serializer. You can simply copy the version from the file mentiones above. Without this functions protfolios can't be stored to a file.
  • Modify GT::Conf You should correct the directory of your Geniustrader options-file.
  • Modify GT::DB::TextDepending on you perl version you might have to replace the 'our' by a call to vars.
  • Modify Backtest::SpoolRemove the 'use warinigs'-statement in this file.

You can read more about this topic in this Mail from Joao.

What to do now?

As I am a linux user and I would never work with Geniustrader under Windows I created this version to make some poeple curious about Geniustrader, but I will not continue to support if no one uses the program under Windows. If you are working with this program a short fedback to the mailing or to my personal address list would be nice.

If you want to contribute to GT you are welcome to write your own code or to enhance the compatibility to Windows.

For more informations: Go to the Geniustrader Homepage.

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