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Olf's Trading Journal

As soon as you start trading on paper - or real - you should start to write a trading journal or diary. If you don't do this you'll supplant yout bad trades and thus you won't have a chance to learn from your mistakes.

This program offers the following features:

  • The data is stored in xml-format and can easily be processed by other programs
  • Trades can be commented using text and images
  • Trades can be filtered and sorted by many criteria.
  • You can import data from DepotXML
  • You can import your own data from a csv-file
  • You can import portfolios from Geniustrader
  • Data can be exported to CSV and Excel
  • The trades to be displayed and analyzed can be filtered in various ways.
  • It is possible to export the Trades as HTML-File.
  • The program calculates important evaluation-factors for your portfolio.
  • Localized german version

The project has also a site on freshmeat.net.

For running the program you need perl and some modules from the cpan. If you are running linux, perl is contained in your distribution. A Windows-version is available at ActiveState. Warning: Due to a bug in Perl itself, otj is not running with version 810! Version 809 seems to have no problems.

If the software is installed, you have to get the following modules from CPAN (www.cpan.org):

  • Tk
  • Tk::TableMatrix
  • Tk::ToolBar
  • XML::Simple
  • Tk::JPEG
  • Tk::PNG
  • Storable
Under Windows you have to use the following commands:
  • ppm
  • ppm> install Win32-API
  • ppm> install Tk
  • ppm> install Tk-JPEG
  • ppm> install Tk-TableMatrix
  • ppm> install Tk-ToolBar
  • ppm> rep add http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/
  • ppm> install XML-Simple
  • ppm> install Storable

Depending on the distribution the Storable module might already be installed.

I was not able to install the module Tk::PNG under Windows; so you'll have to use e.g. gif-graphics.

To Export the trades as HTML-Datei it is necessary to install the modules HTML::Mason, File::Spec and Cwd:

  • ppm
  • ppm> install HTML-Mason
  • ppm> install File-Spec

Now you should be able to start the program by the command perl otj.pl. Now you'll see the first screen (click on the images to see a larger version):

The toolbar supplies the folloeing options:

  • Open: Open an archive
  • Import DepotXML: Import/Sync with DepotXML
  • Import CSV: Import/Sync with CSV
  • New Trade: Create a new trade
  • Save: Save changes for the active trade
  • Redraw Text: Render the text on second page
  • Export: Export as CSV

Since Version 0.05 it is possible to filter the trades in various ways. The filters can be configured by the file filters. Have a look at this file to create your own filters. Give me a hint if you have problems with this file.

On the second page you can edit the data and add comments and images:

You can insert a heading by using the tag =head1 Text or =head2 Other Text To include picutres use =img filename.gif.

The other two pages contain informations and analysis of your trade and portfolio.

You'll find more informations in the manual (see below).

Version 0.06 contains a Script to download and convert a trainings-depot from www.aktienboard.com, save it as csv and import it into the program.

To fetch the depot one has to call the program with the username or id as a parameter and redirect the output to a file:

perl ab-convert.pl TestUser > depot.csv

This file can be importet in the program. To use the converter, you have to install the modules Getopt::Long, LWP::Simple and HTML::TableExtract (ppm install Getopt-Long LWP-Simple HTML-TableExtract).

Since version 0.10 the package includes a converter for the statements from Interactivebrokers in form of Symbol;SLD/BOT for short/long;number;price;Trade-time;Trade-Date;Exchange;Account. It converts the file into a csv-file which can be imported in the progam as described above. The script is named ib-convert.pl and you have to use the filename as the first parameter.

I would be glad if you could give me some feedback. The program is distributed under the Gnu Publich Licence (GPL).

Date Description Download
13. 07. 2004
A short documentation of the program.
02. 08. 2004 Version 0.08:
It is now possible to export the Data as HTML-File and the trades can be sorted.
13. 07. 2004 Version 0.07:
The usability of the software is enhanced. It now uses menues and the options can be configured by a dialog.
13. 06. 2004 Version 0.06:
This version contains a converter to import a depot from www.aktienboard.com, convert it in csv-format and import it.
25. 05. 2004 Version 0.05:
It is now possible to filter the trades by configurable parameters.
21. 04. 2004 Version 0.04:
Fixed some small bugs, changed the export and implemented an interface for localization.
16. 04. 2004 Version 0.03:
Improvements for the portfolio-analysis.
06. 04. 2004 Version 0.02:
New: Import csv-files. (see example.csv).
03. 03. 2004 Version 0.01:
XML-data, import from von Depot.pl, CSV-Export, some analysis

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